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Wordle For Excel – Play Wordle in Windows Excel

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Every wanted to play Wordle in your office and let the boss think you are doing some work in Windows Excel. Well, I have a good news for you. You can not play Wordle in Windows Excel and pretend like you are doing some serious work.

What is Wordle for Excel?

Wordle for Excel is a clone of original Wordle game exclusively made for Excel. The game uses inbuilt Excel macros to run the game.

Wordle For Excel

How to Play?

  1. Download and SaveĀ Wordle.xlsm
  2. Open the file on your computer and enable Macros
  3. Press Restart Button
  4. Make up to 6 attempts to guess the word by typing in the 5 white cells
  5. Press Check to See if the word matches. All letters of the attempted word are highlighted as per below:
    • Green means letter is in the exact place
    • Yellow means letter is present in the word
    • Grey means letter is not present in the word

Credit – Github @0n4li

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